Emoji Bed Set Bedding Cuteness without Compromising Functions


If you want to spark up the lively and fun atmosphere in the bedroom, why not using the emoji bed set ? Sure, a bed set comes in various designs and appealing colors (and also patterns) but let’s not forget that you should also consider the quality of the bed set itself.

Not all of bed sets are coming in solid construction. Well, don’t forget about the matter of comfort. We are talking about one element of your bed and it should support your comfort. When we are talking about the comfort matter, think about the right combo of style and also comfort.

Have you ever thought about having microfiber lightweight emoji duvet cover from Vaulia? What makes this emoji bed set different from the others, anyway? For a starter, the pattern is unique and fun. It is cute and adorable, creating a fun and cheerful atmosphere into your bedroom. It actually comes in various sizes, so you have the freedom to choose whatever dimension that fits your bed.

This emoji bed set is made from microfiber polyester so it is super comfortable. The fabric itself is comfortable but it can be quite durable. It is lightweight, allowing better airflow and breathability, and yet it doesn’t feel cheesy at all. The printing quality is nice, with colorful and bold crisp color that will improve the stylish factor of the bedding.

The cool thing about this emoji bed set is the closure model with zipper so it is super clean and super effective. It is compatible with all kinds of washing machines and it dries fast. It is easy to clean and wash, as well as efficiently maintained properly. The bed set comes with a nice air regulatory system. It keeps you warm in cold seasons and it keeps you cold in hot seasons. If you want to have a worthy investment, this is the perfect option to choose.

If you want to have a set that can have double function, why not having the reversible emoji bed set? There is such a thing, coming in quite large size. When compared to the other bedding sets, this one may be higher but you are making a worthy purchase from the high quality construction and design.

It is made from 100% polyester and yet it is not 100% cotton. If you like the silky and smooth bedding type, this is your perfect emoji bed set. But if you don’t like the silky feel and surface, then it would be the ideal piece for you. Make sure that you read the product’s review before purchasing it.

The bedding set has a very nice image and quality printing. There are different colors of background, accompanying the theatrical and cute emojis. There is another cool aspect that adds up the special feature about the bed set: it is a reversible piece. If you are bored with the emoji, simply reverse it and you will see a light blue cover. Since it is machine washable, you will have fun caring for this emoji bed set.