King Size Bed Frame for Comfortable and Relaxed Sleeping


In order to choose king size bed frame properly, several matters have to be considered. As we know, a bed consists of several parts to make comfortable place to sleep. Well, this furniture has several sizes and king size is the biggest at all.

Frame is the key to hold box spring and mattress. You cannot just add mattress at frame without box spring to prevent separation. Unfortunately, this is not efficient way to assemble the bed. You need reliable king bed frame with no box spring required. Well, just plug it and the bed is ready. Such product is available from Zinus.

If you need king size bed frame, Zinus has the right product for you. It is called Zinus 14 inch smartbase Mattress that consists of several features. It has string frame to hold mattress. The height is 14 inch from floor with ground clearance of 13 inch. It is regular height because it’s not so high or low. You can climb to bed conveniently.

Usually, you use box spring for king size bed frame as secondary holder. In this product, box spring is no longer required. Smartbase technology will keep mattress from sagging or any problem for long period. When you need new mattress, just replace the old one then add it at top of bed frame. Steel material increases its stability. At each corner, this frame uses plastic caps to protect from direct touch with floor.

Manufacturer produces this frame to be easy and simple for handling. The frame can be folded to transport and move from one spot to other. It does not need additional tool to assemble. Just unfold four stands at each corner then make sure the surface area is at proper level. Therefore, this is the top option when you need proper king size bed frame with high durability and easy installation process.

King size bed frame may use wood slats with leather to create elegant design. If you want such frame, Zinus Deluxe Faux Leather Platform bed will be the next choice. This bed frame is different from regular design. You get headboard and footboard as well as wood slats and leather.

The main feature is strong frame to hold mattress. You do not need additional frame to keep mattress at proper installation. It is designed in plug-and-play mode on bed frame. Another feature is luxurious pad with faux leather. You see this leather alongside foam on board and frame to reduce noise and for aesthetic aspect. Espresso color brings elegant touch when you put this bed on classic room. You cannot find any similar king size bed frame with these features.