Silver Shower Curtain and How It Delivers Elegance to the Bathroom

Everyone knows that a shower curtain plays a rather crucial factor but what about having the silver shower curtain for your bathroom ? Silver can tone down the atmosphere but it can also improve the setting. If you already have a fancy or extravagant design, choosing the silver curtain can tone down the grandeur feel. On the contrary, if you have a simple design, having the silver curtain will make it more elegant and classy. Of course, you don’t have to choose the metallic silver for the bathroom. You’d probably surprised to know that there are actually some good looking and attractive design with elegant option.

Sinatra Silver from Popular Bath is one of the great alternatives of silver shower curtain that would improve the look and style of bathroom in the simplest manner. The design is pretty simple and somewhat straightforward but that’s the greatest thing about this piece. Some users claim that they like the simple glam effect that is delivered through the patterns and colors of this curtain.

This is a real example that you don’t actually have to use metallic silver to bring a glam to your bathroom and forget about the old school design where you didn’t have many options of the silver shower curtain. Back in the old days, silver curtain was only available in bright metallic piece or the gloomy dark type. Today, you will see a lot of appealing designs with beautiful and artistic patterns. When you look for one, you may not realize that it is designed for the bathroom curtain!

Other things to like about this silver shower curtain is the material, totally 100% polyester and sequins patterns. It has the right dimension of 72 x 70 inches so it is wide and big enough. It is compatible with any washing machine as long as you use the gentle cycle. If you have contemporary décor, this would be the perfect piece for you.

What about another alternative? You can also choose the Brushed Nickel from Creative Scents silver shower curtain. It comes with PEVA heavyduty magnetic liner that will make the installation easier. The Brushed Nickel line and collection is designed to enhance any bathroom décor, whether it is the classic and traditional or the contemporary and modern. The fabric is heavy and yet there is a premium feel to it. Having such an elegant design will definitely improve the bathroom accent and ambiance.

It is not just a shower curtain. This silver shower curtain has a nice touch of embroidery on the top. Another thing to like about this line is that you can also find other collections of Brushed Nickel from the same manufacturer so you can have a matching set without difficulty.

Don’t forget that you should consider the quality of material. You want not only a thick or heavy fabric but the one that is resistant to mildew, soap, and rust. Not all water curtains are able to resist water or moisture; some of them even absorb it. However, with this silver shower curtain from Creative Scents, you can only expect the best.