Square Coffee Table with Storage as Centerpiece


When creating the living room design, coffee table as a centerpiece may often be disregarded. This furniture is perhaps not the piece of which you pick first. However, using a square coffee table with storage is the great focal point in the room. Besides its functionality, coffee table is certainly a piece of furniture that can complement the nuance for your entire design.

For that reason, see below options whenever you look for a square coffee table with storage to complete the fine distinction of your living room. Let us look into these two square coffee tables to consider.

The ioHOMES Celio square coffee table with storage in red cocoa is designed as compact furniture with hidden compartment at the center. The compartment is perfect to store your belongings, so that they will not clutter all over the place. It is constructed with medium fiber board and finished with rich red cocoa color lamination. Perfect for any living room design, this coffee table is uncomplicated to assemble and can be cleaned easily by using wet cotton fabric. The dimension is 36 x 36 x 16 inches and you will be given with replacement warranty in case of broken parts. The warranty will expire for 30 days after purchase.

The advantage in using this square coffee table with storage is that you will be able to move it around. You can do it with no trouble because the weight is not heavy. This is an advantage that a lot of people pay no attention to while getting furniture. People are likely realizing it just once they place other furniture inside the living room. Well, ioHOMES Celio square coffee table is really practical whenever living room’s cleaning must be done. This furniture is currently offered at $197.90 on Amazon.

Another option to choose is ioHOMES Morgan square coffee table with serving tray. Comes in black color, this square coffee table with storage is complemented with useful serving tray on top. Ideal to balance your living room, it’s completed with two hefty drawers as storage compartment. These drawers are hidden underneath the table so that it looks clean while being easy to access. Similar to the Celio square coffee table, this Morgan table is constructed with medium fiber board. However, the finishing touch is using black lamination. This brings a bold character to any modern living room decoration.

The serving tray set is removable and suitable for serving your guests or keeping the drinks in place. Sizing in 32 x 32 x 16 inches, it also comes with 30-days of guarantee for spare parts. Currently sold for $157.94 on Amazon, it is great for drinking coffee, studying or working. This square coffee table with storage can also be used to set your beverages, store your books, magazines and remote controls.

Since the living price is getting higher, people are looking for a way to be innovative and realistic nowadays. It feels great to simply loosen up and sit down at home while drinking a cup of coffee after a long day at work. Not only being practical, having a square coffee table with storage is also economical.